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From this year, you have an unique opportunity to get certified in Persona Global premium programs in Prague. Persona Global is an international provider of several top-notch training, assessments, and simulations for leadership and organizational development. Now, you are able to get certified for Persona Global through an international consulting company, Atria Group International.

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About Persona Global

Persona Global is the world’s leading training center, which deals with creating and presenting professional programs in leadership, management, communications, organizational development, and sales since 1980. More than 50% of the companies listed on the “Fortune 1000” uses Persona’s programs.

Training and consulting programs of Persona Global have successfully been applied to the world’s leading corporations such as BMW, Mitsubishi, Disney, Coca-Cola, Hitachi, British Airways, Japan Airlines, American Express, IBM, Sony Music Entertainment, Sanofi-Aventis, Canon, Mercedes, Deloitte & Touche, Volksbank, Avon

Persona GLOBAL® Facts & Figures

Operates in 71 countries using Persona products


Translated in more than 38 languages


Has a network of 1700+ certified trainers, partners & associates worldwide


Branded offices in 11 countries


If you are a coach, consultant, trainer or a company that is focused on leadership and organizational development in the Czech Republic, this is a unique opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Now you have a chance to:

Get certification of top-notch training, assessments, and simulations in Prague

Meet your clients’ needs and extend your portfolio

Become certified trainer for Persona Global programs of your choice

You can be certified as an individual or as a company, in time by your choice!
There is no fixed date of certification because Persona Global certification process will be organised as individual workshops.

Get certified!


Leadership Equity Assessment™ (LEA) is an agile leadership model for assessing, developing, and measuring leadership results on 13 specific key skills. The survey applies to all leadership levels, providing detailed reporting for individuals, units, and corporations. The results clearly show which areas should be improved in order to have a direct positive impact on business results.

The advantage of the LEA tool is that it allows the key points of development of the team/sector/organization to be clearly seen so that development activities can focus on those areas (training, coaching, consulting, etc.). LEA uses 13 leadership competencies, that relate to the manager’s active role in being responsible for employees’ productive working conditions.


Management Action Profile is an innovative performance-based, 360° feedback instrument specifically designed for measuring managerial performance in practice areas crucial to managerial success and team effectiveness. MAP gives us a comprehensive and detailed picture of managerial skills, work performance, as well as an accurate feedback on the daily work of managers, with the addition of recommended ways to improve the performance of the team that the managers lead.

This tool can precisely define the development needs of managers in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of development actions, reduce costs and optimize the time invested in development.

The factors measured by this tool are:

  • Leadership
  • Persona Organizational Abilities
  • Cooperation and Motivation
  • Information and Communication
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Development of Potentials and Abilities
  • Use of Power and Authority
  • Inter Departmental Cooperation


Sales Competency Assessment™ (SCA) is a unique survey and coaching tool specifically designed for professional development of sales professionals across various industries. SCA focuses on the processes, techniques, and behaviors critical to successful sales performance, and provides a powerful, practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-administer survey instrument that evaluates a salesperson’s core competencies at every phase of the sales cycle.

SCA quantitatively measures the skills and competencies of sales professionals in 13 key areas critical to their job performance and enables managers to focus on crucial factors that affect sales results so as to improve or optimize the existing skills and competencies of their sales team. The multi-rater approach ensures the accuracy and objectivity of the survey results. By allowing managers and salespeople to share their perceptions about key sales factors, SCA provides a system that fosters mutual understanding and support within a sales organization that is crucial to building a strong sales team.


The Persuasive Communicator® (PC) workshop presents lifelong skills for effective communication, which is necessary for becoming more influential and, ultimately, persuasive communicators. It enables participants who have an intuitive, practical system for dealing with people to build sustainable and long-term win/win professional and personal relationships.

More than 1.400.000 people have participated in this workshop, because of its practical use, easily understandable content and widespread use, not only in communication but in sales, marketing, consulting and many more business and life areas.

Delegates receive anonymous feedback on how business associates perceive their natural communication style, ability to project empathy, and level of interpersonal flexibility. By the end of the workshop, with the aid of an analysis provided by Persona Global’s Gameplanning expert system profiling software, each delegate has practiced the appropriate skills, developed an action plan, and tested this new approach to positively influencing their case study person.

Take your business to the next level with Persona Global!

Be certified for Persona Global trainings and assessments!

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